Course Info

Start: on S end of Beach Rd. on the Heli-pad. PK nail is 36W from outside edge of sea-wall and 120 NE from shower stand.

MILE 1:on Perimeter Rd W of large parking lot. PK nail is 24W of curb.


MILE 2: on Beach Rd, 192 N or Start line. PK nail is 24W from retaining wall


Turnaround: on So. Border Rd. approaching Crandon Blvd. PK nail is on center of dividing line and 36 E from 2 center posts dividing line and 36 E from 2 center posts defining a walk-thru when gates are closed.

MILE 3: on N/S section of So. Border Rd, just N or Lifeguard Hdqtrs. PK nail is 24 E from edge of pavement.


FINISH: in the NE corner of circle before entering the gates to Concession Stands. PK nail is 36N from curb and 40 SE from concrete bench.


CONES: will be placed on center of diving line on So. Border Rd. and to separate runners where necessary.



COURSE MAP available here

SunSmart5K 2017

~Race for skin & heart health~